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Category C

Courses Category C

The Cat C lorry licence acquisition is simple really, have a look at the breakdown below-

  1. HGV Medical; D2/D4 forms… Medical is pretty straight forward and takes about 15mins to complete with our Doctor. Height, weight, basic eye test, personal questions, listen to your heart and a discussion as he completes the D4 form.
  2. HAZARD/THEORY/CPC2… These three are all computer tests, you cannot book/sit these until your licence has come back from the DVLA. In the meantime, whilst waiting for your licence, we can help by getting you set up on an APP to practice for the actual computer tests..
  3. PRACTICAL, 3a, 3b, CPC4… This is where your practical training starts: The 3a, is the Off-road test, the 3b is the on-road test and the CPC4 is the show me tell me test.

The new Government ‘DIRECT ROUTE’ to CE hasn’t changed the popularity of gaining a Cat C (old class 2, Rigid)

If its just the CPC4 training and testing you are looking for, then give the office a direct call/email and we can schedule you in on a given Friday. Thats the training and testing completed for just £199

Click here for company information, and why you should choose Data Academy, or call us now 0116 287 7692.

A small selection of feedback for our Category C course:

“All vehicles are clean and well maintained. The staff have all been brilliant and hope to meet them all again in the near future” – C.S.

“Taken to a high level, good training manual” – T.N.

“Everything about the course was clear and understandable and I enjoyed the challenge. Thank you all the lads at Data Academy” – S.S.

“I had a really good time training well presented. Thank you all” – J.T.

“I have really enjoyed my training and despite failing my first test because of a silly error I will continue to use my vastly improved driving skills. Data has worked wonders with my previously poor and sometimes dangerous driving and bad habits” – S.M


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