HGV / LGV Training

Finance available for HGV Training


We offer friendly and professional driver training for all licence categories of LGV/HGV. We will help you every step of the way from applying for your provisional licence, with theory training, booking tests, practical training to any advice you require during and after your training.

We have a team of knowledgeable and experienced instructors and our own fleet of vehicles. Our training vehicles are new and all meet the Euro 6 standard introduced in September 2015, reducing fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and helping to decrease our Carbon Footprint. Look out for our ripped L plate logo on the roads.

Please be aware, the BBC "You've been scammed" featured a rogue LGV broker. They are very hard sell, and will ask you to pay a deposit or arrange finance over the phone. On the internet it looks as though they are going to train you but they don't actually do the training or own the vehicles you train in, but contract it out to a third party. Often they dont even have a local presence. You could end up paying much more than you need to in the long run, or your training time may be reduced and this could result in poor pass rates..

We would always advise that you drop in to see any training provider that you are thinking of using. Don't announce your visit, just swing by. It wont take you long to get a feel for the type of company you are dealing with and you can suss out whether they own their vehicles and will look after you. Our kettle is always on and you will be made to feel welcome.

If you have reached this far, then I'm sure you are serious about taking on the journey/route to become a professional HGV driver. Just give us a call before parting with any of your money, we will only offer you professional, friendly advice and guidance on acquiring your licence. No pushy salesmen here!!


  1. -Our LGV / HGV driver training for all LGV classes requires the following 5 steps. (Except Category C+E).


Step 1 - Medical

COVID -19 has meant we have had to change how our medicals are delivered. You will need to ring for an appointment so that we can limit how many people we have in the office at any one time. We will ask you to arrive 15 minutes early and bring a face mask with you. We will help you to complete forms D2 and D4 (at an apporopriate distance, of course) and answer any questions you might have.

TBA- Due to COVID 19 restrictions

We also undertake re-medicals for the 'seasoned' HGV driver.

NOTE* We have used the same doctor for the last 14 years. He has run his own medical centre for over 25 years.and is experienced in conducting medicals for HGV..

We have the forms you need (D2 and D4) to apply for your provisional licence and undertake your medical. We will go through them with you, making sure they are filled in correctly to ensure you get your provisional licence back from DVLA within their agreed time-frame (within 21 days). All we ask is for you to get to us on the evening of the medical 15 minutes before your appointment, allowing us time to iron out any problems with the paperwork. Bring any medication you are taking to show the Doctor, glasses if you wear them for driving and come with a full bladder prepared to give a urine sample for testing sugar levels. Oh and of course a face mask.

There is no cost for the actual D2 and D4 application forms to gain provisional licence for LGV,

If you are unable to make one of our medical evenings, we can organise an appointment at our doctor's surgery for you.
Please call to book a place on:- 0116 287 7692

It is a legal requirement for a LGV vocational licence that you pass a medical (very basic).

We offer our medicals at our Leicester facility every 2 weeks in the evening for your convenience; And remember, we have all the forms needed.

We recommend that you contact your own Doctor first just to compare prices.

Having passed your medical, you can now send for your provisional LGV licence by recorded delivery.


Step 2 - LGV / HGV Theory Training Course and Test
Next theory course dates

TBA- Due to COVID 19 restrictions





Our unique theory training procedure will be explained :- 0116 287 7692 or 'REQUEST AS CALL BACK'

The LGV theory test consists of a hundred questions plus a hazard perception test consisting of nineteen video clips.

Step 3 - LGV Driving Assessment
When you receive your LGV licence back or have completed your LGV theory test, the next stage is a driving assessment.

The assessment is a short course and is approximately sixty minutes of practical LGV driving and instruction in the type of vehicle that you will be in when training.

This assessment makes it possible for us to accurately assess the amount of time you will require for your training course, in order to train you to a level where you are capable of passing your test first time.

This allows us to maintain our very high percentage of first time pass rates. The instructor will issue you with a copy of the assessment and also detail activities you can start to practise while driving your car to reduce your training days (thus saving you money!).

Step 4 - Practical Training Course
Following the DVSA approved lesson plans, we not only prepare you for your test, we also train you for the job you are going to do when you have passed your test.

All courses include reversing at our own Leicester based reversing centre with four DVSA replica reverse pads. In addition, during your course you will be trained in real life situations both reversing and delivering, preparing you for the career you are about to embark on.

A small selection of our customers comments.

On all points Darren was clear and to the point. Had helpful hints and was always calm. On all points training was brilliant” C.R. - LGV category C licence passed 1st time.

Clear and concise information instils confidence from the first day” P.K. - LGV Category C licence passed 2nd time.

All good. Thanks a million.” N.R. - LGV Category C passed 1st time.

Very enjoyable course if able to take class 1 would not hesitate coming back” B.C. - LGV Category C licence passed 1st time.

It was the best training I have had from John and the team and I would recommend any one who wants to do a LGV course to go and train with Data Academy” R.S. - LGV Category C and C+E licence passed 1st time on both.

Step 5 - Practical Test
Whilst there is no such thing as a “guaranteed pass”, we guarantee you will be trained to and indeed, above DVSA test standard with the confidence in your own driving ability to pass. The LGV test consists of a reversing manoeuvre and approximately a one hour drive on the road. We not only train you on test routes, but on a variety of roads and situations, giving you a broader repertoire of driving skills for when you take your test.

After passing your test we are happy to offer help and advice about anything you are not sure about. We are just a phone call away on 01162 877692 or call in for a cuppa and a chat. We can also help you to find work as we have many companies who contact us when they are recruiting new HGV/LGV drivers.