Q. What can I earn after passing an LGV (HGV) course?
A. Average earnings for category C Licence holders is £450.00 per week, C+E can expect slighty more than this.

Q. How do I get a job after training and can you help?
A. Yes we can and do help. With a shortage of LGV drivers in the UK there are still opportunities for drivers. We have many companies we have trained employees for, who know our standard of training and will take our clients on our recommendation. We work closely with several driving agencies who will gladly take our candidates on and currently we can guarantee work with them subject only to a very brief interview.

Q. Are there any hidden costs?
A. NO! We won’t try to make costs look good then add VAT and test fees or anything else. The price quoted will include everything, including tea and coffee whilst you are in the office!

Q. Why do I need an assessment? The company down the road quoted me for four days!
A. They probably did, but we want you to pass first time, and unfortunately one size doesn’t fit all, we tailor make our courses to fit your needs because you are individual, you may only need four days with an assessment you wont pay for more days than you need, without an assessment you could spend an awful lot more on retests.

Q. Do you train one to one or with two students in the cab.
A. As all of our courses are tailor made to your needs and requirements we do both. Some people will do better one to one some will not.

Q. Can I see feed back from your customers?
A. YES With pleasure you can even speak to them.

Q. Will you train me on the smallest possible vehicle for the class of licence I am taking?
A. NO! All our vehicles are of a size you will be driving after your test. We place a lot of our customers in work and we want you to be capable and confident in all situations you will encounter after passing.

Q. I am very nervous and have never driven anything bigger than my car.
A. Don’t worry you will find the team at Data Academy work in a very calm relaxed friendly atmosphere and all work together to dispel those nerves.

Q. Have you ever trained any female drivers?
A. Yes we have trained many ladies for varying reasons from their own horse box to artic’s for logistic companies and they do make fabulous drivers.

Q. What is the difference between LGV and HGV?
A. None. We used to call them Heavy Goods Vehicles but our cousins in Europe prefer the term Large Goods Vehicles