Driver CPC


Certification of Professional Competence & Periodic Training

The 10th September Deadline has passed. Do not drive commercially if you haven't completed your Driver CPC hours. You risk a £1000 Fine.

UPDATE YOUR DQC (Driver Qualification Card) before it runs out, or simply get up to date with your CPC 35hours..

INDIVIDUAL Weekday Course Costs £68.75 including VAT and DVSA upload fee,

BOOK 5 MODULES £343.75 includes VAT and DVSA upload fee

WE RUN A DRIVER 35hr CPC COURSE THE LAST WORKING WEEK OF EVERY MONTH, (EXCEPT DECEMBER), just give us a call to confirm the schedule you require..


If you are confused about your CPC, please give Data Academy Ltd a call for advice. Please have your personal details and drivers licence to hand.


If you need to check any 35hr CPC progress previously completed, call- Newcastle 01912 018 112, and have your details ready. They will advise.

CALL 0116 287 7692 or Request a call back


Anyone passing their LGV tests after 10th September 2009 will have to complete the following modules:

  1. Theory and Hazard Awareness test (Computer format, x 2 test)
  2. Case Study questions and answers Initial CPC Part 2 (Computer format, x 1 test)
  3. Practical CPC part 4 (Show me, Tell me test)